The VITAMIN D Home Lab focus on the so called “Winter Depression” that comes from VITAMIN D deficiency,
North and South equator countries with lack of sunlight all year long have more tendency to suffer from this deficiency,
it is one of the most common deficiencies in the world.

Mushrooms are the only non-animal source of food with VITAMIN D found, in a time where people question more and more
their food diets or search for natural medical alternatives instead of chemical supplements, based on my research I can determine
that 1 serving of mushrooms enriched with UVB light can cover the one person’s daily recommended amount of VITAMIN D.
The VITAMIN D Home Lab aims to showcase the breakdown of the process of enrichment of mushrooms with
VITAMIN D, emerging in the user into a mindset of home farming and self-sustainable practices.

The VITAMIN D Home Lab aims to introduce and appeal for home-farming of mushrooms overcoming prejudices that they are hard to keep in a home urban context, small molded mycelium of different species of mushrooms give shape to different possibilities and
a laboratorial station with tools for watering, harvesting and cutting slices that would help engage into the ritual,
where we could speculate of each one of us having our daily recommended amounts of Vitamin D in a home
bio-production context and have access to a different option as a natural medicine.

The VITAMIN D Home Lab aims to provide knowledge and awareness on this alternative of self-sustaining of  VITAMIN D.
What if you could make your own VITAMIN D? Readjust your lifestyle habits and have access to a different alternative?  



The VITAMIN D Home Lab was made in collaboration and gained a solid ground thanks to Mattias Andersson, scientist from KTH Royal Institute of Technology envolved in the studies of the process of enrichment of fungi with Vitamin D in Sweden and to Rikard Pedersen from Saxtrop Svamp from a Mushroom farm in Sweden, to understand the conditions of farming and growing of the mushrooms.

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