Bauhaus Ikea residency

Is a group project part of the residency IKEA Bauhaussummer 15, a programme organized by Bauhaus Dessau Foundation in cooperation with IKEA Foundation. The focus was to re-dwell one of the Master’s Houses, in order to receive newer residents and remake the
artistic space for reflection and free-minded spirit that Bauhaus was knowned for.

The MACHINE is a proposal of a workspace for the atelier room of Muche/Schlemmer Master’s House. Is a workplace that follows the needs of the artists from yesterday and today. It’s a room in a room that invites the residents to share a place that is comfortable and flexible towards their needs. It offers protection and at same time awareness of the original room, as an inspiration for newer residents.

The MACHINE is a structure made by a grid that provides a multifunctional hanging system taht embraces all the basic  needs
that we flagged, such as: storage, hanging boards, a work desk and a chair, movable light and private dividers.
Also we combined a “survival kit” that includes stationary and technical material.

As for the visual concept we thught of creating a light space, as a blank page, without over standing items in order to not influence
the artists and to provide a flexible and customisable space for them to feel free to fill in.

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