We were 3 designers (Me + Déborah Janssens + Sahil Thappa) with 3 different backgrounds bound together
during 3 months in the city of Kortrijk, in belgium, that is divided in 3 parts by a river.

After brainstorming on the theme of SOCIAL LIQUID BOUNDARIES, we decided to focus on the relations between INDIVIDUAL,
RESOURCE and TERRITORY BOUNDARIES locally. Therefore, we proposed 3 SCENARIOS with 3 INSTALLATIONS to create new experiences linked to the Golden river to consequently change its perceptionand to cross social boundaries in a playful way.
Our aim was to shake and intrigue, we created the SOCIAL GOLDEN RIVER INSTALLATIONS.


SCENARIO 1 that represents INDIVIDUAL BOUNDARIES, which are related to the way we humans conduct ourselves, the way we interact with others. We proposed a new appropriation of the space to invite people for new experiences of the surrounding by connecting them in a playful way. A meeting place for dialogue and discovery of the other. We designed 2 acoustic mirrors that will invite people to talk to each other creating a communicative bridge.


SCENARIO 2 that is focus on RESOURCE BOUNDARIES. Kortrijk is a beautiful but rainy city. We wanted to propose a playful place where this natural resource would friendly welcome people for new appreciations of its essence. The Installations is an outside laboratory for a different use and experience of a rainy day, an attempt to change people’s negative perception of an outdoor activity on bad weather conditions. Therefore, only functions when it’s raining. Is an open funnel-shaped shelter that collects the rain and directs it to different containers that accordingly to the weight of the water activates a light system. The installation is meant to be an invinting shelter where people can excape from the rain, relax and enjoy the sourroundings.


SCENARIO 3 talks about TERRITORY BOUNDARIES, which are related to the way geography and nature can affect
the way we behave. We wanted to recreate the concept of an island as a public space, a livable and lively extension of the river.
A new invitation for a closer experience into the nature. The Installation is a floating platform, that can eventually grow into a network
of islands. The scenarios inside can be displayed differently, inviting people to a dynamic and playful space that can host different
activities, such as: a fishing spot, a picnic or even a romantic dinner. The top of the structure is a reflective mirror as an amplification
of the landscape itself on the ambition of designing something that could be part of the river.

As this Residency had a Social participatory experiment at its core, to propose an outcome that lived on even after us
was very important. We imed to do this by engaging local people, skills, places, materials, infrastructures and facilities. This would
give ownership to the people and make them part of the process.

[THE] LIQUID BOOK is a capture of our journey and an archive of the all the making-of. 

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