Designers in Residence by Designregio

Project in collaboration with Déborah Janssens and Sahil Thappa

[THE] LIQUID STATE  follows the theme “Social Liquid Boundaries” given by the Residence
by Designregio taking place in the city of Kortrijk in Belgium in 2017. 
Three scenarios representated in three public installations spaced into the city exploring social/individual and
physical: resources / territory boundaries; based on participative experiences.


SCENARIO I represents Indivual Boundaries, in relation to the way we humans conduct ourselves and how we interact with others. [THE] TALKING BRIDGE proposes a meeting place for dialogue and
discovery of the other. Two acoustic mirrors that project sound from an equal distance of a bridge in Kortrijk -  creating a communicative bridge.  


SCENARIO II focuses on resource boundaries. Belgium has an annual average of 200 days of rain.
[THE] Rainy Parasol is an installation meant for a different use and experience of a rainy day and an attempt to change its negative perceptions, therefore, only functions when it’s raining. The installation works as an
open funnel-shaped shelter that collects the rain and directs it to different containers that accordingly to
the weight of the water activates a light system.


SCENARIO III represents territory boundaries, in how geographic contexts and nature itself can
affect the way we act. [THE] ANOTHER ISLAND proposes a new appropriation of the space: an island as a public space, a livable and lively extension of the river. A floating platform that can host different activities: a fishing spot, a picnic, a romantic dinner; and can can grow into a network of islands.

[THE] LIQUID BOOK, was designed a year later, as an archive of the project and was launched
at Biennale Interiur 2018, commissioned by Designregio Kortrijk.

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