Symbiotic Light Therapy

Symbiotic Light Therapy
is a proposal of a scenario of mutualistic beneficial care, where all beings profit from one-another. A combination of features such as Light therapy and Plant therapy that recreate the likely ideal scenario of “how to fight Seasonal Affective Disorder at home?”,
a shared experience that embraces both plants and humans needs by convenience for both advantages.

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) also known by “Winter Depression” is a type of depression that is related to changes in seasons and in theory connected to the lack of sunlight in the winter months mostly in north and south equator countries. It is known to stop part of the brain called Hypothalamus and affect the production of melatonin, serotonin and disrupt our body’s internal clock, which in consequence means that it affects sleep quality, anxiety levels, mood regulation, low immune system and energy, among other effects.
It has been proven that closer connection with plants and gardening practices can improve all of the symptoms described
and conduct to a healthier lifestyle, standing for the coined term of Plant therapy. Plants can purify the air, filter toxins,
improve oxygen levels, induce sleep and relaxation by scent, control levels of stress.

The lack of sunlight half of the year means the replacement of light as a treatment for both plants and humans, it is proven
that lights in certain wavelength can help keep a stable health and maintain biochemical equilibrium. 

The use of  WHITE (full spectrum 10,000lux), BLUE (440-500 Nm) and RED (625-700 + Infrared 750-1000Nm) has been scientifically proven with positive feedback on light therapy for humans, and the same light intensity is used in growing lights for plants, different specific wavelengths have different responses in light deficient patients and different reactions in the stimulation of growth, coloration and blooming. Nevertheless, it is accounted for documented effectiveness that lights for growing plants can have response on the treatment of
SAD symptoms, in this terms, Symbiotic Light Therapy project focus on a gathering of conventional and non-conventional
options of treatment that could contribute for an holistic approach of therapy ritual.

In order to support a circular and mutualistic beneficial profit of a light therapy ritual for both stakeholders in a home context, 3 types of plants, such as: Aloe Vera, Spider Plant and Jasmine Flower, that would grow healthily in a indoor humid environment were selected.
Each plant is stimulated from one of the 3 types of wavelength of light therapy and each plant gathers a combination of “therapeutic qualities” such as bioactive and nutritive compounds that can be used in the bath, air purification and relaxing scents. Water is also the connector of all the elements, the generator of energy and life, meaning in a gas state working as growing environment for plants and has a relaxing factor for humans, and in a liquid state working as growing system for plants and as an electricity conductor for the Light Therapy.

Symbiotic Light Therapy intends to be shared experience of a co-existing conscience of care from one another,
a scenario that would illustrate a potential usage of a human-plant relationship in a therapy ritual context.

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