According to the Spanish Institute of Statistics, for the next 40 YEARS, we will spend 6 YEARS of them watching TV, 8 YEARS browsing the internet and 10 YEARS using our phones. In their calculations, in the same 40 years if two middle aged friends meet twice a month they will only have 44 DAYS of face-to-face social interaction. Do you relate to this? Shouldn’t we start doing something to change this? 

The SOCIAL BENCH is covered with an interactive thermosensitive textile and is made to incite discovery...
Experiencing the change of temperature would you feel more intimate to another person sitting next to you because you perceive you’ve just shared body temperature? Will you think their mood or feelings are somehow stamped in the bench?
Or simply a unrevealed pattern underneath will make you engage with it and/or collaborate with someone to try to fully uncover it??

〰️An attempt to incite social interactions between people but also between people and the object. 〰️
By stamping your temperature to an object would you think that somehow you gave something to it!?
That he responds or reacts to your actions? Therefore would you feel more attached to it?
Could we also engaged a social connection between a person and an object and question its intemporality?

Intention on exploring an attachment that we may create with an object and between each other.... if we actually see it happening!? In order to obtain some answers I hid a camera to film the reactions in an intervention at the Explorations : Master 1 industrial design at
Konstfack University of  Arts, Crafts and Design.



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