IN chocolate

Project by OJEAM Studio

To symbolize the beginning of a partnership, the OJEAM Studio created 3D figures of chocolate of
the two designers behind the scenes: João Abreu Valente and Maria Pita Guerreiro

The project joint a partnership with the Fablab of the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Lisbon, in Portugal, where the development of the project unfolded into a creation of a studio to be used by the students in order to facilitate the process of 3D scanning and modeling tools.

OJEAM Studio busts were manually scanned and 3D printed in order to cast a mold for the creation of the chocolate 3D figures. To achieve an extention of the visual experience of the making process and to fasten the process of production it was build a rotomolding machine.

The project was presented and “eaten” at the Gallery Verso Branco, in Lisbon, PT.

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