IN chocolate

In 2015, my OJEAM STUDIO was born, we wanted to self-promote our work and expand our connections as much as possible.
In order to integrate the current technologies and educational institution we had available it came the project of creating
3D figures of chocolate. We started with a manually 3D scan of our busts, for later 3D modeling them. They were printed and
pulled from a food silicone mold. We built an analog Rotomoulding machine to reach all parts of the mold with the chocolate,
following the thought of extending the visual experience of the process making and a tasting of what would be about to come.
It was specifically intended and created for an experience Exhibition made to represent the launch of the Studio together
with the designer João Valente,  a represenation of the idea of a collaboration between current 3D technologies and digital language
with manual and artisanal language.

The project counted with the partnership of the FABLAB of the Faculty of Fine Arts of University of Lisbon, whereas later it was made possible to contribute in the creation of a studio for the students to facilitate the process of using 3D scan.

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