HALF collection

Project by

OJEAM Studio

HALF collection is, work-in-progress experimental project, a ceramic set formed by manipulated
ballons dried and re-shaped into bowls. The different levels of glaze are dipped randomly in a expression to create a sense of light and contrast within the shapes, playing with mate and glossy surface properties of the porcelain. 

HALF OXIDE is a half matt glaze, half bright glaze blended with 5 oxides: COBALT, TIN, COPPER, NICKEL and MANGANESE that explores color making in the ceramic process.


HALF WHITE ceramic collection was part of the new project of MIMOSA Chef em Família
as a support in tableware for the cooking recipes made by Filomena Valoroso.

HALF for MONTANA was a special request from Montana Lisboa Café to create a ceramic tableware
for the space, that blends a restaurant served by Chef Freddy Guerreiro, the Underdogs cultural
platform and the art-supplies store Montana Lisboa. 


Custom Orders:

Studio JAV joaoabreuvalente@gmail.com

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