The book was designed as an archive of the Residencyby Designregio 2017 in Belgium.
I am the author of drawings and graphic work of the book.


2018-21 freelance collaboration with design shop in Northern Portugal - Tabacaria Gomes.

The brand identity was created surrounding the shop’s geographic location and cultural influence.
In addition, I was responsible for the design of the web content, prints, product development,
scenography and shop front display.  


2017-18 design director at Muxima Bio cosmetics, in Lisbon, PT.

Muxima Bio is a bio-cosmetic company linked to sustainability, scientific research, feminism and anti-racist movements.
My assignments included visual identity, social media , print and web content, and product development.


2018-21 freelance collaboration with MaxLiss Professional cosmetics in Amesterdam.

I have developed their visual identity and content for the digital channels. And it is relevant to add that all the content was
in the native language - Dutch, and this was never a constraint in the development of the designs.

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