〰️understanding through making 〰️

“Why do things look the way they do, assembled the way they are? How did they evolve to their current state and not something else?
What powers and agencies have been, and are constantly in motion? What forms of social order do they perform and what ideals and norms do they support? Are there any physical or logical considerations that had to be met for a specific artefact? Material limitations?
Departing from current perceptions of sociomaterial culture this exploration will approach the topic of ‘Origins’, critically examining an artefact of choice from three relevant perspectives – through its history and forward. By making design experiments, exploring along the
lines of these perspectives, a space of alternative possibilities allow for new insights how things could be configured differently.
Based on our origins, what kind of futures could we envision?”

Exploring the object Gossip Chair, also knowed by several names such as: le confident, conversation, face to face, tête-à-tête, love seat, where in most of them its primary intentions are implied in the name itself. Its an object loaded with history, meanings and connections.

The first 3 Explorations are based on the perspective around Relations between Social connections and Emotional outcomes the object can provoke. By exaggerating this features I intend to enhance their value. Instead of Le confident what if the chair itself confessed your feelings? What if you had no other option then confronting the other person Face to Face? What if the Love seat would help you find love instead?

On the second 3 Explorations the main focus was on the intimicy since is the most important feature of this particular double chair, it is meant for sharing and connecting with the other. Bringing this Intimicy into the Public Space and how are we confronted with sharing
sensory characteristics that represent the intimate space with strangers; such as body heat and wispering.
Also when is there a limit for this intimitate and private space!?

The 3 final Explorations were based around a perspective about Quality of the object itself, Form follows the Function.
The gossip chair or the love seat is a meeting place for discovery of the other, these 3 tools translate 3 features that make this object unique
and different from the others chairs: communication and flirtation; touch; and proximity.

What happens when the proposals enter existing networks of people and products? Can the intentions be communicated through things?
Followed by explorations II in Social Bench

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