360º Under Water

Design Residency Résvés Mértola 2016

Project by
OJEAM Studio

360º UNDER WATER is a project created at the Design Residency Résvés partnership with the Faculty of Fine Arts University of Lisbon. A site-specific project in the region of Mértola where the starting point was the river Guadiana, since it is and has been the most importan way of communication and interconnection
between this city and the rest of Portugal.

In a brief historical context, through the decades and under influence of all the communities that passed by,
the river worked as a commercial port center and layers of excavated civilizations
under Mértola revealed mainly ceramic artifacts grasping through the river edges.

As an interpretation of the exploitation of the force of water and the influences that the river carries around
we have created the one of the first hydraulic ceramic 3D printer. 360º UNDER WATER works through a watermill, activating simultaneously a rotating potter’s wheel and aextruder that prints ceramic containers.

360º UNDER WATER aims to critically approach a “fast-speed” technology that allow us nowadays to build almost everything in a faster and unconscious way, on the other hand a call for a post-digital era defending a junction between manual, artisanal, logic and digital language. By exaggerating and extending the process of making an object the value of its production can be enhanced, therefore, the machine prints then at a very slow pace accordingly to the river’s current, meaning it could take a hole day to make an ceramic pot, proposing a scenario:
of stepping back, reconsider and enjoy the process of making new things.

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