360 º Under Water

Project by OJEAM Studio - Artistic Residency Résvés Mértola 16

The inspiration was the river Guadiana, it has always been and is the most the important way of communication and interconnection between Mértola and the rest of Portugal. Through the decades and under influence of all the communities that passed by, the river worked as commercial port center and layers of excavated civilizations under Mértola, concerning trade, mainly reveal transport objects and food containers, such as amphorae.
Following this thought, we created a Ceramic 3D printer which through a watermill, activating simultaneously a rotating potter’s wheel and a extruder that prints ceramic containers. As an interpretation of the artifacts founded and a exploitation of the force of water and the influences that the river carries around.

360º UNDER WATER is also a critical approach towards the “fast-food” of technology: the fast evolution of technology, that allow us nowadays to create and build almost everything in a faster way and most of the times in an unconscious way. By exaggerating and extending the process of making an object the value of its production can be enhanced. This interpretation intended to propose a step back and enjoy the process of making new things. 360º UNDER WATER is machine that can re-create a scenario of a picnic or a barbecue afternoon.

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